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  • Silver Star Museum

    Silver Star is history.

“A museum is not just a building full of old stuff. A museum is a record of time, a place, and its people.”

The Silver Star Mountain Museum is a partnership between SilverStar Mountain Resort and the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives.

A satellite of the Vernon Museum, the Silver Star Mountain Museum intends to preserve artifacts and stories from the past about the people and events on the mountain. The Syilx People of the Okanagan Nation and the Splatsin First Nation of the SecwΓ©pemc peoples have been in the area since time immemorial. Settler activity on the mountain dates back several hundred, with mining and forestry activities, as well as recreational use in recent years.


Walking Tours

Go on a self-guided walking tour of Silver Star. Start at Pinnacles, the original Day Lodge, where there are many historical photos and a beautiful mural. The route takes you down through the Chilcoot Lodge and Vance Creek Hotel, then through the village, as you learn everything you ever wanted to know about the history of β€œThe Star”.

Discover the magic of Silver Star with amazing terrain and a cozy mountain village. Share your stories: #mysilverstar