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  • Long John’s Pub: The Silver Star Restaurant Like ‘Cheers’

Park your skis or your board in the snow, open the bright yellow door and step inside the Silver Star restaurant synonymous with good friends, good food and drink, and good cheer.

In fact, Long John’s Pub just might be the Silver Star equivalent of Cheers, the TV show set in that charming bar where ‘everyone knows your name.’



“It’s true,” says Long John’s manager and long-time staff member Chris Hartwig. “We’ve got a lot of long-term staff here and we do know everyone by name. We’ve had families coming here season after season for 24 years.”

With cosy bench seating, soft lighting, friendly faces serving gourmet comfort food with a twist and live music performances, Long John’s aims to be that casual place to meet friends and family between runs, over dinner or to end the night. It’s a vibe and a family that’s been growing here at Silver Star ever since Long John’s Pub opened the doors in November 2001.

Three John’s—John Earl, John Kane and John Sharp—came to manage the pub that year from across the snow-laden street in the village, where John Earl had already been working as a resort hotel manager for 16 years. There was also a fourth John—John Fournier—who was a cook at Long John’s went it opened.

Keira Hindle, whose grandfather John Hindle was a founder of Silver Star and who has been serving at Long John’s for 13 years, says from early on, the pub just ‘felt like home’ and quickly garnered a loyal following.



“John Earl just created an environment that welcomes absolutely everyone. It’s cosy and it just feels like your living room. It’s definitely a favourite of locals.”

John Sharp passed away in 2017, and John Earl and John Kane retired in 2022—though John Earl continues to help out on weekends and greet guests at the door.

“John (Earl) is just a warm, bubbly guy,” says Chris. “He put a lot of his personality and heart into this place, and you can feel it as soon as you walk in door. It feels like walking into a big hug.”

Chris remembers his first few weeks in the kitchen at Long John’s in 2015. It was the near the end of the season, and while Chris had cooked at another Silver Star restaurant and as well as two others in Vernon, he says:

“It was a whirlwind. It’s a busy pub, but John (Earl) and everyone else was so supportive. It was probably one of the most fun crews I’ve had the privilege of working with, and a lot of that same crew is still here today.”

Chris is a local who started skiing at Silver Star when he was just 10 years old. Then and now, he says Long John’s captures what many love most about the hill itself:

“It’s always a good time. There are always good people up here.”



And, of course, there’s always good food!

What’s on the menu these days? From Cajun-coated calamari, Asian pulled pork sandwiches, and a Thai rice bowl to the award-winning Long John Burger and root beer ribs soaked in backhand of God stout—there’s certainly something for guests of all ages and tastes.

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