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  • Biking Bliss: Two-Wheeled Adventures In and Around Silver Star

As far as bike destinations go, the North Okanagan is lesser-known—but not for long. With one of Canada’s most exciting lift-accessed bike parks on our doorstep, the newly minted title of Trails Capital of BC in our midst, and one of the province’s fastest-growing multi-use trail organizations in our backyard, we’re on track to be at the top of every bike bucket list. Here are a few insider tips to get in on the action before word gets out.   

SilverStar Bike Park

First impressions are everything and this bike park is inviting and humble—a place for everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed, regardless of who you are, what you wear, or how much riding experience you have. 

But, don’t be fooled by the casual vibes and carefree attitude; this bike park holds its own against Canada’s best and has even clinched a spot on the prestigious Crankworx Summer Series circuit for several years running, as well as the famed BC Bike Race. 

Perched on the cusp of the Monashee Mountains, it’s hard to believe that  SilverStar Bike Park has been going strong since 1994. Fast forward from its humble beginnings loading up the old green chair, the park now delivers 69 kilometres (42 miles) of downhill trails, 70 kilometres (43 miles) of cross-country trails, more than 400 dirt jumps, and over 870 berms. 

Title Line, a signature trail designed in partnership with the legendary athlete, Brett Rheeder, is a masterpiece that has garnered great reviews from the industry’s top riders. This trail, marked by great big berms and plenty of air time, gets props for its playfulness and progression. 

But advanced, rider-designed trails are just the tip of the iceberg in the SilverStar Bike Park, and there are plenty of beginner and intermediate trails for all riding abilities.

Epic Routes for the Ambitious Biker

For those in their thigh burner era, two trails in this vast North Okanagan network stand out. These routes are not just trails; they’re stories waiting to be lived, offering a blend of natural beauty, physical challenge, and a sense of accomplishment, celebrated over a cool pint at one of the local breweries.

The folks at the bike park extend a cheeky invite to slay Beowulf: “We have created The Dragon, it’s your turn to take it on and defeat it!” Accessed via the SilverStar Bike Park, the aptly named trail gets its name from the namesake poem about a Scandinavian dragon-slaying warrior. The Epic XC 35-kilometre (22-mile) loop is a two-wheeled odyssey that traverses ridgelines, grassy meadows, and cedar forests before bringing you right back to Silver Star Village.

Meanwhile, the Killer King route down in the valley travels 51 kilometres (32 miles) and connects many of the Greater Vernon area’s old-school bike trails from Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park to the King Eddie Plateau. This route covers technical cross-country and downhill terrain with breathtaking scenic views throughout.

The North Okanagan: A Cyclist’s Paradise

The adventure doesn’t stop at the bike park. The Greater Vernon area is a treasure trove of trails. The rider-driven North Okanagan Cycling Society (NOCS) meticulously manages a large (and growing) network of multi-use trails across a number of distinct riding zones in the region, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Key trail areas include Sovereign Lake, Ellison Provincial Park, Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, and Becker Park, as well as Predator Ridge, King Eddie Pleateau and Noble Canyon. The beloved Okanagan Rail Trail is 50 kilometres (30 miles) track of old railway land that runs from the North end of Kalamalka Lake to the center of Okanagan Lake in Downtown Kelowna. This is easily accessible with or without electric assist and offers stunning lookouts over the vibrant aquamarine waterway they call the “lake of a thousand colours.”

Celebrating Biking Culture: Events and Community

Silver Star and the surrounding areas are buzzing with biking events that celebrate the sport’s vibrant culture. From Vernon Bike Fest in June to the exhilarating Bombshell Women’s Enduro in July, there’s an event for every biking enthusiast. And, let’s not forget the anticipation for Crankworx Silver Star, an event that promises to be a highlight of the biking season. Stay tuned to our events calendar for more bike-related events as they are announced.

Inclusive Adventures: Biking for Everyone

The biking community here is inclusive, offering trails and events that cater to diverse needs, ensuring that the joy of biking is accessible to all. The Village Trail, which intersects the bike park, is a great introduction to adaptive biking at mid-mountain, while Double Dog is a great trail for experienced adaptive riders who want to test their skills on a technical black. Wheels are already in motion with NOCS  to grow adaptive trail network in the valley.

There are plenty of ways to get involved with and support the incredible and passionate trails community in the North Okanagan. Join a NOCS social ride, participate in a trailbuilding day and be sure to donate to Trail Karma to help fun maintenance and new builds.

So gear up, set your sights on the North Okanagan, and embark on a biking journey that promises adventure, adrenaline, and, best of all, new, free wheelin’ friends.

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