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  • Fat Biking

    Silver Star is biking (on snow!).

Unleash your inner adrenaline seeker with 15km/ 9 miles of single and double-track fat bike trails.

A fat bike is a bicycle with oversized tires, typically 3.75”/ 9.5cm or more on the wide rims. The frame of the bike has been modified to fit these wider tires and rims and is designed to ride on soft, unstable terrains like snow and sand. They were originally designed to ride and race on the snow in Alaska and for touring the deserts of New Mexico. The history of fat-bikes begins in the late 1980s when regular bikes were modified to allow racers to compete in the Iditabike (later to become Iditasport) race in Alaska.

Discover the magic of Silver Star with amazing terrain and a cozy mountain village. Share your stories: #mysilverstar